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THE BLACK, winning a gold & silver medal in the World Steak Challenge 2019 in the first month of introduction.

THE BLACK, fully traceable 100% special selected Black Angus cattle, raised in the open green fields of Uruguay and grain-fed in the open sky.

Black Angus cattle is famous for the genetic marbling the young animals have, just grazing on the grasslands of Uruguay. In combination with a 120-days+ grain-diet this results in incredible good beef; the incredible good beef of THE BLACK. Controlling the production process from the cattle breeder to production of the beef makes  THE BLACK a fully traceable beef brand, from ‘farm to fork’.

The marbled, juicy and tender beef is a result of the stress-free and healthy life THE BLACK cattle has on an average of 10.000 m² of living space per animal. Paying the highest attention to animal welfare makes THE BLACK setting new standards in beef quality, this quality was judged during the World Steak Challenge 2019 were it was awarded gold and silver.

THE BLACK, gold awarded beef